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Irish Potato and Leek Soup

When we think of “Ireland” and “food” we often think of “potatoes” (and beer; and cheese and pubs :). Well, this is a nice, easy, tasty and hearty Irish recipe using potatoes as a base and a whole host of other goodies to give it taste and texture. Enjoy!

Korean Beef Short Rib Soup with Glass Noodles – Galbi-tang

Galbi-tang is a hearty yet fragrant and often delicate clear beef short rib soup, traditionally offered at Korean wedding receptions. It is now one of Korea’s staple recipes and a regular entry in every Korean restaurant’s menu that’s worth its salt. (Pun intended. :)) Galbi-tang is not difficult to make; but, as all good soups and stews, it just takes some patience – that’s all. Time to cook, eh?

Lamb or Goat with Artichokes in Egg and Lemon Sauce

Lamb or Goat with Artichokes in Egg and Lemon Sauce is a classic, traditional Spring dish from Crete, Greece that’s simple to make and very easy to savour. The season for artichokes is between March and June. For the rest of the year you could use canned or frozen artichokes – but do avoid marinated artichokes – they are a totally different deal and will not go well with we’re making here. Time now to start cooking, eh?

Octopus with Pasta in the Pot

Octopus with Pasta in the Pot – guaranteed to keep your body going whatever you have to do. It is going to take some time to cook – approx. 2 hours – but its level of difficulty is minimal: sautee, simmer, stir, do something else while food is cooking. (That difficult. ­čÖé ) Enjoy!

Creamed Hungarian Caraway Soup

A Hungarian caraway soup with a twist: adding cream makes it a classic winter soup. This is not a “fire and forget” kind of thing – it does require some stirring.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup

Hot or cold, the Turkish Red Lentil Soup is a good one. It is nutritious too. Using vegetable broth/stock turns the recipe to vegetarian and vegan. Enjoy!

Goat Cooked in Water and Olive Oil

Slow Cooking Supreme, this one. Long time to prepare, simple to cook and mouthwatering taste. We picked this recipe when, at some point in life, we were roaming the mountains of Crete/Greece casting for a TV food & cooking show. A shepherd offered us this dish as lunch. Forgetting it proved impossible.

Indian Black Eyed Peas in Tamarind and Coconut Curry Sauce

A dairy-less, meatless, satisfying and comforting one-pot recipe from India. Enjoy!

Lebanese Chicken with Cardamom and Cumin

Similar to an Arabic dish called Kebsah but with a lot of twists. This chicken with cardamom and cumin recipe tastes better the next day, so, feel free to cook it in advance, store it and serve in the following day or two with a different side dish. Enjoy!

Lebanese Lamb Stew with Aubergines, Mint and Vinegar

Cooking this recipe may indeed reveal that “looks” don’t always pair with “taste”. Enjoy!

Lamb Stew with Dill in Egg & Lemon Sauce

Lamb Stew with Dill in Egg and Lemon Sauce. This is an easy lamb stew recipe but who said “easy” can’t be “delicious”? Here’s the living proof of it.

Veal or Beef Stew in Lemon Juice

Simple and extremely delicious, Veal in Lemon Juice is a yet another one-pot, minimum-cooking-skill Sunday lunch stew or weekday special. Enjoy!

Vegetable Stew with Potatoes, Eggplants, Zucchini and Peppers

Vegetable Stew with Potatoes, Eggplants, Zucchini and Peppers. A clean, nice vegetarian and vegan recipe for a Summer vegetable stew. Can be served hot, warm or at room temperature. Enjoy!

Turkish Lamb Stew over Eggplant Puree (H├╝nkar Be─čendi)

Hunkar Begendi is an ultra-classic, traditional Turkish recipe whose name translates to “Sultan’s Delight”. As we can reasonably imagine there are many, many variations of H├╝nkar Be─čendi: some recipes call for cheese and milk, others for milk and flour. Some call for lamb, others of beef. Some call for butter, others for olive oil and some “Westernized” versions even call for … vegetable oil and margarine (hello?). We chose a version that (we believe) is most representative of Turkey and its people.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dates, Almonds and Pistachios

The Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dates, Almonds and Pistachios is a classic Moroccan Tagine recipe that’s usually made for weddings and family gatherings. It will take some time to cook but… as with almost all traditional recipes everywhere in the World there’s no shortcut: it. must. cook. slowly.

Egyptian Fava Bean Stew – Fuul

The Egyptian Fava Bean Stew or Fuul as a staple food is probably as old as Egypt. There are many variations (of course). We present an ultra-classic Fuul recipe as a basis – and then you’re free to change the flavour and/or add the topings of your choice.

Anglo – Indian Lamb Mulligatawny Stew or Soup

The Anglo-Indian Mulligatawny stew is where West meets East, and vice versa. According to Wikipedia, “Mulligatawny is related to the soup rasam. Due to its popularity in England during British India, it was one of the few items of Indian cuisine that found common mention in the literature of the period. Early references to it in English go back to year 1784.” There are many variations of this recipe – some use ghee, others oil, some use lentils, other use lamb or beef, others are vegetarian. This one calls for lamb and lentils.

Dutch Endive Stew with Mashed Potatoes

Dutch Endive Stew with Mashed Potatoes – a winter classic. Do note that there’s no need for dairy with Dutch potatoes because they are creamy by nature. The idea here is that the vegetables release enough juices to make the potatoes moist enough.

Chicken Stew with Green Peppers in the Pot

Chicken Stew with Green Peppers in the Pot is a chicken stew recipe from Greece’s mountainous Northwest. (Yes, Greece has mountains too.) Unlike other Greek recipes this one includes spices. This is a complete meal – there’s little need for sides, other than a slice of bread and perhaps some feta cheese (if you’re not kosher.) Enjoy!

Lentil Stew with Swiss Chard and Lemon

Lentil Stew with Swiss Chard and Lemon. A well known traditional Winter stew (or thick soup) from Lebanon.

Boiled and Broiled Potatoes

One of many potato recipes, this one goes very well with stews.

Beef with Eggplants in the Pot

Beef with Eggplants in the Pot. A classic, simple, traditional, wholehearted, insanely delicious stew, Beef with Eggplants in the Pot needs no particular introduction. You can cook this recipe “as is” or you can use it as a base for your own tailor-made adjustments.

Rabbit with Nutmeg and Almonds in Red Cider Vinegar or Red Sweet Wine

Rabbit with Nutmeg and Almonds in Red Cider Vinegar or Red Sweet Wine. A Greek traditional cuisine classic, cooked in a pot, skillet or casserole. Substituting red wine with red cider vinegar makes it Halal.

Beef Shank with Red Wine in the Pot

Beef Shank with Red Wine in the Pot. Cooked in a pot, casserole or an iron dutch oven – a quick & easy variation on Osso Buco (which is an Italian traditional classic dish).

Lamb with Fennel in the Pot

Lamb with Fennel in the Pot. A simple yet delicious Greek classic, traditional recipe. This one avoids using carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, etc.) and uses fennel, instead. Enjoy!

Octopus Soup

Octopus Soup. This is a Greek Orthodox Lent classic: easy to make, a tasty, hearty, one-pot recipe full of good things for one’s own body, mind and health. Enjoy!