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How to Desalt Dried and Salted Cod

Time: approx. 24 hours.

Dried and Salted Cod offers a great variety of savouring experiences and dishes but before it’s ready for cooking it has to be desalted – and that takes approx. 24 hrs. Do not despair, however: desalting a piece of cod is a fairly easy process. Here’s how to desalt dried and salted cod.


  1. With a sharp knife, cut your dried and salted piece of cod into smaller pieces. (Smaller and/or thinner pieces take less time to desalt.)
  2. Put the cod pieces into a strainer.
  3. Place the strainer in a much larger bowl or pot full of cold water. You will need approx. 3 to 4 litters of water for 1 kg of cod. (You do this so that when the salt detaches from the cod it goes to the bottom of the bowl or pot, leaving the rest of the water clean.)
  4. Change the water every 4 to 5 hours.
  5. If the weather is warm then after the first 12 hours you can put the bowl or pot in the fridge and continue desalting your cod there.
  6. Approx. 24 hours later, empty the water into the sink, pat-dry the cod and you’re ready for cooking.

Preparation for cod fillets

  • In order to make cod fillets from your desalted cod you need to clean it from fins, bones and skin.
  • To easily do that, blanch your desalted cod in hot water for a few seconds.
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