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Responsibility of Content

You – the User – are able to share your recipes and ideas on myFoodistry with the entire  community. In doing please be courteous and polite.  

This is a public site, accessible to all. Do not post threatening, harassing, defamatory, misleading (intentionally or not), foul or libellous statements, language and material. 

Our desire is to ensure that our community is inclusive, friendly, and safe for all. myFoodistry will not be responsible for your words and reserves the right to remove baneful comments or terminate the accounts of wilfully harmful users at our sole discretion.

Sharing a recipe

myFoodistry’s metier is in the diversity of cooking techniques and dishes that are represented. The recipes may come from family memories, adventures in the kitchen or splendid good luck! Yes, our subject matter is tradition but don’t hesitate to post your own take on a traditional dish (without altering the nature and essence of the recipe).

We understand that many recipes are based on hints from TV shows, cookbooks, blogs, websites, or recipes by other users. Don’t hesitate to give thanks where due. Of course, in cases where intentional plagiarism is the case, or reasonably suspected, your material may be deleted and you may receive a warning from us because we are somewhat “unilaterally focused” when it comes to acts of intended plagiarism. 

Photographs under copyright protection should not be posted. Meaning: please don’t post a photograph you found somewhere on the Internet. Just… snap a picture of your dish, with your own camera, and post it.   

Copyright and Ownership of Content 

Content posted on any myFoodistry User account must belong to the User. This includes photos, words, or anything else used in your post. For content that is not your own, a permission from the original author MUST be obtained before posting your material and a reference link to the source must be included in your post. 

Advertising & Publicizing external sites and businesses

myFoodistry will not accept content that is advertising or publicizing for-profit businesses or other websites in pursuit of monetary gain. This means that the user agrees NOT to mention or include commercial brands anywhere in a post or a picture.  

Terms of Use

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