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How to Desalt Dried and Salted Cod

Dried and Salted Cod offers a great variety of savouring experiences and dishes but before it’s ready for cooking it has to be desalted – and that takes approx. 24 hrs. Do not despair, however: desalting a piece of cod is a fairly easy process. Here’s how to desalt dried and salted cod.

How to Core Cabbage

Some of us might find coring and slicing a cabbage a bit… intimidating. Well, it’s not. Here’s a short video showing how to core cabbage.

How to Choose, Test and Store Olive Oil

A few practical tips on how to test and choose olive oil.

How to Prepare Lamb and Goat Meat for Cooking

Here’s an easy trick to moderate, or at times: eliminate, the strong smell of lamb or goat meat before cooking.

How to Peel Artichokes – and a few words about their health benefits

For most of us the very idea of an “artichoke” is intimidating – never mind peeling one! But, all is not lost and things aren’t as bad as they seem. Watch the video.

Shortcrust Pastry

Shortcrust pastry for the Pissaladière or anything else, really.

How to Convert Sugar to Honey

This is honey-to-sugar conversion table that might come in handy when making desserts. Curiously enough although honey is sweeter than sugar it also has lower glycemic index than sugar; not to mention that honey contains other nice things in it, whereas sugar is… sugar. Check the Notes at the end of this post. Here we go.

How to Make Indian Naan Bread without Yeast

How to Make Indian Naan Bread without Yeast. There are many recipes out there for making Naan bread. We believe that this is an interesting one. Omitting sugar is probably a good thing. Enjoy!

How to make Gnocchi

One can make Gnocchi – and other pasta – at home. Here’s a recipe on How to make Gnocchi.

How To Make Advieh Spice – Persian Spice Mix

“Advieh” means spice in Persian / Iranian language. It is a spice mixture used in Iranian / Persian cuisine.

How to Desalt Olives

How to desalt olives. Olives are NOT meant to be eaten straight out of the brine (as many of us do). The way to desalt them is rather simple:

How to Make Busiate Pasta

How to make Busiate pasta.

How to Prepare Rice for Cooking – Persian Style

How to Prepare Rice for Cooking. There are many ways to cook rice – as you can imagine. This is the way they prepare rice for cooking in Iran (Persia).

How To Make Fish Stock

How To Make Fish Stock. French cooking uses stocks as a base for soups and sauces. This is a generic fish stock (fumet) recipe used in French cooking.

Chicken Broth – European Style

One of many ways to make European style chicken broth.

Mayonnaise Sauce

Mayonnaise Sauce. What we mostly know as “Mayonnaise” is that… gooey cream that comes out of a plastic bottle (or… bucket) sold at supermarkets. Well, it’s time to think again. Here’s a recipe for the real deal.

How to Cut and Core Fennel Bulbs

How to cut and core fennel bulbs. (Not so… obvious. 🙂 )