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How to Prepare Rice for Cooking – Persian Style

Cuisine: Persian / Iranian

There are many ways to cook rice – as you can imagine. This is the way they prepare rice for cooking in Iran (Persia).

Quantity: @ 200g per person
You need: a bowl


  1. Take a bowl and put the rice in it.
  2. Add enough cold water to cover it by about 2 fingers (2.5 cm or 1 inch).
  3. Move the grains around the bowl.
  4. Drain the water and repeat the exercise for at least three times or until the water comes more-or-less clear.
  5. Drain for the last time and add cold water to cover the rice by about 2 fingers.
  6. Add a pinch or two of salt per serving.
  7. Leave it to soak for at least two (2) hours before cooking.
  8. Some of us prefer to leave it soaking overnight, they way we do with pulses (lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc.)

Notes on How to Prepare Rice for Cooking – Persian Style

  • In the Old World it is common, traditional practice to soak grains before cooking them. In modern times we discovered that soaking grains allows dormant enzymes and so on to wake up, making for a more nutritious meal. On the other hand, soaking grain may help remove dangerous chemicals used in modern agriculture.

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