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Milk and mushrooms may prevent metabolic diseases

Milk and mushrooms may prevent metabolic diseases | myfoodistry

What do milk and mushrooms have in common? They both regulate blood glucose levels, a property important for the prevention and control of Type 2 diabetes.

Recent research conducted at Pennsylvania State University in the US studied the effect of mushrooms on glucose production in the body. Mushrooms are a probiotic food, which means they positively influence the bacteria in the gut.

Milk and mushrooms may prevent metabolic diseases

In a study with mice, researchers discovered that the regular consumption of white button mushrooms boosted the growth of certain bacteria which produce substances that influence glucose production. The researchers believe that white button mushrooms may be especially helpful for people with diabetes, due to the fungi’s role in glucose production.

Like mushrooms, milk also seems to regulate blood glucose levels. That is the result of a recent study by researchers at the University of Guelph and the University of Toronto in Canada.

Source: Deutsche Welle
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