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Chicken Tagine

Chicken Tagine – a simply mouthwatering traditional Moroccan recipe. Let’s get to work, shall we?

Korean Chicken and Ginseng Soup

This is one of many Korean classic, traditional chicken recipes. Enjoy!

Chicken Broth – Asian Style

There are many, many recipes for Asian-style chicken broth. This is a generic recipe that works well with the cuisines of the Far East.

Chicken Stew with Green Peppers in the Pot

Chicken Stew with Green Peppers in the Pot is a chicken stew recipe from Greece’s mountainous Northwest. (Yes, Greece has mountains too.) Unlike other Greek recipes this one includes spices. This is a complete meal – there’s little need for sides, other than a slice of bread and perhaps some feta cheese (if you’re not kosher.) Enjoy!

Chicken Broth – European Style

One of many ways to make European style chicken broth.