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Turkish Lamb Stew over Eggplant Puree (Hünkar Beğendi)

Hunkar Begendi is an ultra-classic, traditional Turkish recipe whose name translates to “Sultan’s Delight”. As we can reasonably imagine there are many, many variations of Hünkar Beğendi: some recipes call for cheese and milk, others for milk and flour. Some call for lamb, others of beef. Some call for butter, others for olive oil and some “Westernized” versions even call for … vegetable oil and margarine (hello?). We chose a version that (we believe) is most representative of Turkey and its people.

Pasta with Butter and Cheese

Pasta with Butter and Cheese is an Italian, hearty, classic and so simple a pasta recipe it’s almost… unbearable. Enjoy!

Potato Hot Pot

There are many variations of this French Potato Hot Pot recipe. (After all it’s just another way to cook potatoes, no? 🙂 )

Feta Cheese with Olive Oil and Oregano

Feta Cheese with Olive Oil and Oregano. A snack, starter or side dish accompanying most Greek meals.