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3 Reasons Canola Oil Is Bad For You: Medical Daily

Source: Medical Daily

Canola oil has been widely used across the industry. From cooking, agriculture to cosmetics, many people use it because of its reported health benefits and low cost. However, there are 3 reasons why Canola Oil is Bad for You.

3 Reasons Canola Oil Is Bad For You: Medical Daily | myfoodistry

Potential Bad Effects of Canola Oil

Heart Problems

Rapeseed oil, the main source of canola oil, contains high levels of erucic acid that has been associated with heart damage. Studies showed that erucic acid could trigger the development of Keshan disease, inflammation and calcification of arteries.

Kidney, Liver Damage

As mentioned earlier, most canola oil is genetically modified, a type of product known for having side effects. A 2011 study found that high consumption of such products was linked to damaged liver and kidney.

High Blood Pressure

The people with a history of high blood pressure and high risk of stroke may have short lifespan due to high consumption of canola oil. One study, which focused on the health effects of the oil, showed that animal subjects that consumed less of the product had longer lifespan than those with canola in their diets. 

Another study suggested that canola oil may make red blood cell membranes more fragile. This could then lead to higher risk of stroke.

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