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Le Grand Chef 2 : Kimchi Battle

Korean government holds a nationwide ‘Kimchi Contest’ to reaffirm its position as the originator of Kimchi in Asia. Jang-eun, who is a famed chef in Japan, comes back to Korea to participate in the contest. She also wants to close down the once best Korean traditional restaurant that her mother has been running for years. She’s never understood her mother for cherishing the restaurant more than herself and her own daughter. Sung-chan became separated from his deaf-and-mute mother and spent his childhood together with Jang-eun. He wants to keep the restaurant and proposes competing in the Kimchi Contest and Jang-eun agrees that the winner will have the rights to the restaurant. Throughout the fierce competition they both go into the finals, where they have to find the traditional taste of Kimchi. On the day of the final round, however, the juries and audience are very much surprised to see the process of cooking by the two natural-born cooks…

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