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Tsatsiki, Dad and the Olive War (2015)

Tsatsiki, Dad and the Olive War is a Swedish kids’ movie partly shot in Crete, Greece. There are no English language subtitles in the trailer, but, well, you don’t need them really. 🙂

Tsatsiki longs for the summer holidays when he will be going to Greece to live with his father Yanis. When Tsatsiki arrives at the village, however, it is not really as he remembered it. Guest houses and taverns are deserted, there is a crisis in Greece and in his beloved village. When Dad tells the bad news that he may have to sell both the hotel and the olive grove, Tsatsiki gets upset. But Tsatsiki’s mother has taught him to never give up, he realizes that it is up to him to save the hotel, otherwise his beloved place in Greece will be lost. Along with the wild adventurer Alva, a fearless twelve-year-old girl full of laughter and explorer joy, they embark on a rescue mission that turns Tsatsiki’s summer vacation into a journey full of adventure, friendship and love.

Tsatsiki, Dad and the Olive Wars is the third film of a trilogy based on Tsatsiki’s adventures between Sweden and Greece.

Note: Tzatziki or Tsatsiki (depending on where you come from) is the name of the well known Greek garlic-yogourt dip. It is rather uncommon to encounter a child named after a yogourt dip recipe, but, well, it’s the film business, isn’t it? 🙂

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