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Skirt Day (Rokjesdag) (2016)

Rokjesdag is a Dutch term, meaning “skirt day”. It is the first sunny day of the year, when women altogether start wearing (short) skirts. “A great and beautiful day” according to Martin Bril, a Dutch writer and columnist who made the word “rokjesdag” a household word in the Netherlands.

In Skirt Day (Rokjesdag) the film, Spring is in the air and the film’s characters are attending a cooking course for singles. You can (sort of) imagine the rest. 🙂

Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Writer: Eveline Hagenbeek
Stars: Lisa Zweerman, Barbara Sloesen, Loek Peters

Note: the film trailer and title song below are in Dutch language; but I don’t think anyone would have trouble breaking a laugh with what’s going on. 🙂

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