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Brasserie Romantiek (2012)

Brasserie Romantiek is a Dutch comedy telling the stories of the forty-something restaurant owner Pascaline and her Valentine Day’s patrons. Pascaline’s lover of twenty years ago appears out of the blue to ask her to leave with him to Buenos Aires. Thirty-something, bored housewife Rose informs her husband that she has a lover. Almost fifty Mia intends to commit suicide when she is courted by waiter Lesley while inconspicuous civil servant Walter is wrecked by insecurity when seated in front of the woman of his dreams.

P.S. We could not find a trailer with English subtitles but one may not need “language” to understand what’s going on, here. 🙂

Trailer and excerpts

Directed by Joël Vanhoebrouck
Available by Netflix

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