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Pizza, A Love Story. (2019)

How does this one little town in one of the smallest (US) states just happen to have three of the greatest pizza places in the world…all within a few blocks of each other? PIZZA, A LOVE STORY will explain it all.  

You’ll learn about the history, the families, the love, and craft that goes into each and every pie.  And you’ll discover a whole new appreciation for pizza as true culinary art.

This feature-length documentary has been in the works for ten years, and we are finally close to completing this labor of love.  And by “we,” I mean three of the most passionate pizza lovers on the planet: director Gorman Bechard, musician/producer Dean Falcone, and New Haven historian/operator of Taste of New Haven Colin Caplan.  We love pizza with all of our heart and soul.  We truly do.

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